Red Dog Ensemble

Red Dog Ensemble Group Photo


Founded by Jesse Brault and Will Stackpole, Red Dog Ensemble is a collaboration of young musical minds who seek to create and perform music not only relevant for our time but also engaging, fresh, and beautiful. A collection of composers, instrumentalists, and a conductor, Red Dog hopes to deliver to its audiences both entertaining and meaningful experiences, exploring the music making ritual through means both traditional and conceptually inventive.

Red Dog's first project was recording an album at Avaloch Farm Institute in the fall of 2019. The album features four new compositions by the talented and up-and-coming composers Jon Cziner, Sato Matsui, Tom Morrison, and Mr. Stackpole himself. Mr. Brault conducted the ensemble for this debut recording.

Red Dog Ensemble is affectionately named after Ginger, Mr. Stackpole's energetic and charming dog. A rescue dog, she resides in New York City where she enjoys long walks through Inwood Hill Park.